Why am I running?

Why do I want to be elected your Supervisor?   Being Chairperson for the Planning Commission for the last 8 years has been a great experience.  I have gotten the opportunity to work with many great people and interact with the Supervisors.  I already have an extensive knowledge of the issues in Lower Gwynedd, such as open space, traffic and connecting the trails systems and feel that I have many attributes that can add to the continued success of the township.

What do I stand for?

Smart Development - It is very important that the Township is not stagnant.  Nevertheless, it is equally important that we don't allow developers to run unchecked in the township.  There is a way to provide for the needs of our residents and preserve the unique qualities of the township.

Trash – I know I am not the only one that notices all the trash on the main arteries and in the open spaces of the township!  It is time that we do something about the unsightly trash on the side of the roads, in parking lots, and in our parks.  Regardless of who is responsible for the trash, it is time that the township periodically cleans up the trash.  Furthermore, we, as residents, need to start taking responsibility to do the same.

Public spaces - I will continue to preserve open space and create land use that is beneficial to all of the residents of the township.  I have pushed for new trails with every development that has been through the Planning Commission and will continue to do so, even if they do not connect to anything - just yet.  It would be nice for all trails to have an immediate impact but in some cases, a developer may only control a certain portion of a much bigger parcel.  Incrementally increasing the trail system is sometimes our only option.  Ultimately, when enough partial trails are built, the township can push for grant money to make the final connections.

Outside influence - I am not receiving any campaign contributions!  I am running to serve the residents not the special interests.  There is an alarming amount of money being spent on this election and you need to know who is being influenced.


Taxes - Continue to not raise the taxes that the township controls.  Your tax bill is made up of two items, the township portion and the school board portion.  I will make every effort to continue to make sure that the township portion doesn't increase.

Compensation - I will decline the yearly Supervisor compensation and the Township paid health benefits.

Transparency - We can do a better job of informing our residents of happenings and information in theTownship.

What is a Supervisor anyway?

Lower Gwynedd Township has a Board of Supervisors consisting of 5 elected residents to 6 year terms.  Every January, the 5 Supervisors have a reorganization vote and internally select a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.   The Board is the governing body of the Township.  They approve the annual budget, decide to raise or lower taxes, and among many other things, they are responsible for the vision of the Township.


Craig Melograno - I am currently Chairperson of the Lower Gywnedd Township Planning Commission.  I am also owner of a successful carpentry company, Philadelphia D&M.  My unique leadership qualities and experience will add great value to the residents of Lower Gwynedd Township.

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